I couldn't believe my eyes when I open the front door.

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May 3, 2015 21:47
I couldn't believe my eyes when I open the front door. The whole house was a mess.
I was sure of having locked the door when I went out home that morning. So, suddenly I realized someone had entered while I had been working. In a hurry I tried to find the phone among all the stuffs which were laid out on the floor in order to call the police to report it what had happened. Although, before being able to tell them anything , I heard a noise which came from upstairs.
"I've just called to the police". I lied. " I do have a gun. So it'd better you go downstairs right now with the hands up!" I warned to the unknown intruder.
Despite having shouted as loud as I could, I received no answer. However, the noise seemed to have faded. Insensitively, because I had forgot to call the police, I dared go upstairs.
When I was about to come in my bedroom, I was hit on my head and then started feeling dizzy until that I was knocked down. After an indeterminate time I came round. My head hurt so much that I had even difficulty in keeping my eyes opened. So it was then when I was truly conscious of how foolish I had been because if I had made that call instead of having been so brave, the robber would have been arrested and all of my price worthy things would not have been robbed.