Travel to Minas Gerais

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Apr 1, 2015 21:32
Hi everybody...

Today I'm traveling to Minas Gerais, to see my son. I have taken the flight very early, at 4 AM. First I have traveled to Goiânia city, and than I have taken another flight to Belo Horizonte. Now I'm waiting for a last flight, that supposedly will depart at 10:35 AM, and arrive in São Paulo at 11:55. Here in Brazil the flights are like that, sometimes you have to go to places really out of your way, and came back. =S

In São Paulo, yet, I have to take a bus to Poços de Caldas, more 4 hours of road, wow... But still worth it, I'm missing him so much.... Have 3 months that I don't see him, and is like an eternity to me! But now I hope that we can enjoy each other... =)