Enjoy Reading Children Books

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Apr 22, 2010 16:12
Have you read books written for children in your second or third language? I think that it is a good way for adults to read children books to improve our reading comprehension skills.

In my case I enjoy reading American authors' books. One of my favorite author' name is E.B.White. He wrote three famous children books: Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web and The Trumpet Swan. I already had read Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web. I also would love to read the Trumpet Swan.

My reading style might be slightly strange. I love reading books in English without using a dictionary. Of course, although I can't understand whole context, I can concentrate on reading. It means I can think in English while I'm reading. If I use a Japanese English dictionary and read Japanese, I have to stop thinking in English. And I have to start think in Japanese. I really don't want to do that. I really would love to enjoy stories written in English without translating into Japanese. Therefore, reading children books is good for me to think in English because most of books are easy to read.

However, my favorite author's books have deeper meaning. I wonder if when children finish reading them, they can understand the meaning or not. After they grow up, they might realize the meaning of books through their experiences.

I also think writing reviews in second language is good for us to improve our literally abilities. That's because through writing reviews we can practise to express our thoughts or feelings in second language. I'm sure that writing reviews in second language helps that we become able to express them easier.