The things we learn from our friends are most important than what we learn from our family.

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May 8, 2011 23:05
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I think the things we learn from friends are more important than what we learn from our family. Of course, the latter is important in that the basic communication skills we learn from our family are indispensable, such as the expressions of joy and sorrow. However, it is not enough to lead a good life in our society.
In our society, we must know how to communicate with a lot of unknown people. Moreover, we sometimes need to make a good relationship even with unfavorable people. The necessary skills in that situation will not be acquired only by family communication. This is because, in almost all cases, our family like us and we don’t have to make efforts to form a good relationship with them. However, we cannot tell whether the person who we meet in the first time likes you or not, and we sometimes must or want to become good terms with them. In order to realize this, we need to be a bit brave to talk to them at first, and finally we will be accustomed to make friends with a lot of people. We will not experience this when we communicate with our family. We can cultivate our skills to be in good relationships with others only by communication with friends.