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Mar 7, 2012 13:43
Today I took the midterm, but actually it doesn't matter what I said below, haha.
(In a conclusion, the difficulty was beyond my imagination.)

Because of the midterm, these days made me busy studying and doing homework.
Though I felt annoyed about that, somehow I also felt much better than before for some reasons I can not explain.

Taking a deep breath, I exhaled the sentimental feelings.

Whenever I keep thinking that "if it had happened in Taiwan, the ending of the story would have been different", I think I fell into a unnecessary sorrow.

"WHY DO I HAVE TO FEEL SAD?" a sound just appeared in my head.

Though I have to admit that I still feel a little bit depressed of how the story ended with.

I am always confident to say that I am a good girl, even though being childish is one of my traits. But that's what I am, isn't it?

Oh I find that writing a journal in different language sometimes makes me both feel more relax and want to write something inside my heart!