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Aug 2, 2012 06:37
I didn`t go home 5 years.
That's my grandma`s home.
Because my parents divorceed.I didn`t like my father.
I didn`t hope they get back together.But my grandmother didn`t think so.
My father didn`t know where I and my mother live.
If he had known,we can`t have a peace life.
He wanted to get back,my mother disagree.so am I.
It`s the reason why I didn`t go home.
Yesterday I didn`t sleep,so I was on the internet.
My older brother wrote a sad daily record.
My little sister was sad,too.
I was in fear of a thing suddenly.
I know I don`t want to cry in front of my grandmother`s grave.
I must face many family questions.
So I want home.
My grandmother didn`t recognized me.
I said:Grandma.She was in silent.
I was sad. Then I know her hearing is bad.
She tolk a lot with me.And she wanted to give me money.
I can`t take it.
When she known I was her granddaughter,she in tears.
I and my brother cried,too.
She said: maybe I was too young to understand she.
She want to me go home everyday.
But now I still can`t love my father.
I forgot his face.
I remembered he beat my mother.
He is not a good father.
I know, I must face more.