Banana and Walnuts Muffins

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Apr 7, 2015 16:54
I guess a lot of people think that childrearing is so hard that you could barely have time of your own.

It's true in way. You can't have time that you used to, and you also have to experience this conflict that you are always distracted by your child on behalf of what you do.

However, it's not as hard as what it seems.
I've decided to do what want to do while my son is taking nap. It's like one or two hours, but enough to do something, right?

Today, I baked some muffins again while my son was taking a nap. This time, I mixed smashed bananas and walnuts in the batter. I like to mix bananas in whatever kind of batter because they give rich and creamy texture to it. Since walnuts are my absolute favorite and they go well with bananas, I put them, too.

I tried one and was suprised how good it was!

I'm not really sure if I'm a good cook, but I really enjoy cooking. It's like my coffee break!
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