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Sep 4, 2011 23:11
1. Is there anything wrong with the tense here(I don't know, it's just that I was taught long ago to avoid using different tenses within one paragraph. As there aren't tenses in Chinese, I still have some problems with it):

> What did the place look like?
> It was a lovely place. It's one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to. The air is fresh. There is not as much traffic as in other big cities. The streets are clean. And I like the people there. They were so friendly. You can taste a lot of different local food. I like the place. I want to go there again in the future.

2. In this sentence: It (the trip) can make me relaxed, and it can make my life more colorful and more interesting.
I feel it a little redundant to use 2 "it can make" & "more". Can I say "It can make me relaxed, and my life more colorful & interesting"?
What is the difference between "more colorful and more interesting" & "more colorful and interesting (if there is such an expression)"?
By the way, as I've seen too many "more colorful and more interesting" in this book, I now feel sick about it. Could you give me other English equivalences? The more the better!

3. In the following sentence, I felt unnatural when reading, what's your opinion?
> How did you go there?
> I went there by plane for the first time, so I felt very excited and a little bit nervous.

4. We took lots of delicious food and drinks there to have a picnic. (Can I say "for a picnic"?)

5. I felt very happy and excited when I went boating in the lake. (Do you have better expressions for "happy and excited"?)

6. I enjoyed myself very much during last National Day. (Can I delete "during"?)

7. Original: Travelling is a good way to kill the time. I can learn some knowledge. Travelling can make me relaxed. Travelling can make my life more colorful and more interesting. So I think I will have a good time next holiday.

Mine: Travelling can make me relaxed, and I can also learn a lot of things. It can make my life more colorful and varied. Also, it's a good way to kill time. Hope I will have a good time next holiday.

8. I like "sleep" or “sleeping”?
9. How did you feel when you saw "the" sea for the first time? (Has "the" been used correctly here? I also have some problems with "the", so I'd like to ask you~)

10. Were you from China? (I never saw such sentence before, what I'm familiar with is "are you from China". If "were" is right, in which situation could this sentence be used?)

Thank you in advance for reading and suggesting!!! (Forgive me again for the content, it's Kids' English!)
Best regards,
Rachel O(∩_∩)O~