@ Japan's Nuclear Power Shuts Off On This Day!

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May 6, 2012 08:08

Yesterday, May 5th, was a national holiday called Children's Day in Japan.

It was called "tango no sekku," or "boy's festival" until after World War 2. On "Boy's Day" people used to wish for the healthy growth of the young boys in their family. Now it's called "kodomo no hi," or Children's Day, and we celebrate and hope for health and happiness for both boys and girls.

At this season of the year, you can see lots of carp streamers flowing outside here and there. They are a symbol of strength and courage for children.

Yesterday was another special day for Japanese people. All the nuclear reactors were finally switched off, and thousands of people marched to celebrate it waving carp streamers. It is Japan's first time without electricity from nuclear power in four decades! We made it!

However, it's still controversial. It seems that the government has been eager to restart nuclear reactors. Some of the people living near nuclear reactors have been mixed reactions; some really argue against the idea, but some want to get them back because of their jobs and other benefits to the local economy.

I totally disagree with the idea of using nuclear reactors in Japan, because Japan is so small that an accident will have an effect on a vast area. We've already lost wide areas in Tohoku, where nobody can live anymore. How can we allow the same thing to happen again?

All the children in Japan must want to say that they want to live and play without any worries.

I don't think that it is just a coincidence that Japan shut off nuclear power on Children's Day. It means a lot.